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Law Society of Scotland – Complaints Against Solicitors

Changes to the Complaints System

Most people are fully satisfied with the service they receive from their solicitor. Occasionally, there is a problem and a complaint is made. The system for making complaints against solicitors changed with the opening of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission on 1 October 2008. From that date, all complaints must be sent to the Commission in the first instance. It decides if a complaint relates to a service provided or the conduct of a solicitor and whether the Commission or the Society or both should investigate the matter.

The Commission can be contacted on T: 0131 201 2130 The website is

Time Limits

It is always best to investigate complaints as soon as possible after the event, when memories are fresh and paperwork is intact and available. The Society and the Commission investigate complaints made within a year of the business being completed or the matter coming to the complainer’s attention. The Society’s time limit is only relaxed in very exceptional circumstances.

Further Information

It is important to us that the Society’s complaints process is open to all. We can send you a hard copy of our information leaflets and can, on request, provide them in different formats such as Braille, large print, on cassette or in other languages.

You can also use the textphone service, so if you have hearing or speech problems we can talk with you using this service. Our textphone number is: 0131 476 8359.
If you have an ongoing complaint with the Law Society please contact 0131 476 8168.  For all other queries, please contact 0845 113 0018.

Further information can also be found on the Society's website, which can be found by clicking here.