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Time to be Heard  


In February 2008, Scottish Ministers announced that the Government were committed to scoping whether a Truth and Reconciliation approach to survivors of alleged in care abuse would be appropriate. SurvivorScotland prepared a discussion paper, under the new title of ‘Time to be Heard’, and with the help of members of the SurvivorScotland National Reference Group.  The Time to be Heard information on the Survivor Scotland website can be accessed by clicking here.

Message from Tom Shaw, Chair of Time to be Heard

Time to be Heard is about helping us all understand and acknowledge the experiences of people who were in care as children, whether those experiences were positive or negative. We are inviting up to 100 people who spent time in Quarriers as children to tell us their experiences. If you are eligible, we hope you will be willing to contribute. If you aren’t eligible, we would still like to hear your views about Time to be Heard and are keen to keep you advised about what happens.

We are using a pilot to test out whether having a forum of this kind is useful for survivors and other former residents. We want to do this quickly and honestly and we need your support.

You can find out more in the Information Pack which is attached below, and if you were in Quarriers as a child you can ask to be included in Time to be Heard by completing the form (which is also attached below) or by phoning the Survivor Scotland Team on 0131 244 3633 or 0131 244 3214.

Time to be Heard is part of the Survivor Scotland Strategy.

Information pack

In this pack you will see references to Time to be Heard's commitment in relation to confidentiality, security of information and the special considerations that apply when dealing with personal information. We understand our responsibility in these matters and will shortly issue more detailed guidance. This will include information about the measures to be put in place in relation to security of information and data protection.

Click here to download the Time to be Heard information pack.

At the back of the pack you will find an application form which you can fill in and send to Survivor Scotland Team, Scottish Government, Area 2ER, St Andrews House, Edinburgh, EH1 3DG. You should also download and complete this diversity monitoring form to send in with the application form.

Questions and answers

Click here to download a document that covers a range of helpful questions and answers.