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1   Link   Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project
Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project (KASP), provides a wide range of free confidential counselling and support services to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse age 16 or over throughout North East Fife.
2   Link   Open Secret
Open Secret offers support and a safe space to people aged 12 and over who have been affected by sexual abuse. Our services are confidential and free to anyone living in the Forth Valley.
3   Link   Care Leavers Reunited
CareleaversReunited is a site for people who have spent time in care to get back in touch with friends from their childhood. It is completely FREE to use and currently includes homes from seven different countries. The site is run by the Care Leavers' Association (, which is an independent UK-based charity run for care leavers by care leavers.
4   Link   Victim Support Scotland
Victim Support Scotland is the lead voluntary organisation in Scotland helping people affected by crime. It provides emotional support, practical help and essential information to victims, witnesses and others affected by crime. The service is free, confidential and is provided by volunteers through a network of community based victim and youth justice services and court based witness services.
5   Link   Counselling Directory
Search for a counsellor or psychotherapist near you. If you're in need of support, search the network to be connected with a professional counsellor or psychotherapist.
6   Link   Safe Space
Safe Space supports male and female survivors of sexual abuse from the age of 12 years and over. We offer one-to-one counselling at Safe Space or in local health centres in partnership with All Round Care. Safe Space also offers a varied group programme and Justice Support for survivors considering reporting childhood sexual abuse to the police.
7   Link   Hypnotherapy Directory
Search for a hypnotherapist near you. Hypnotherapy Directory only lists hypnotherapists who are registered with a recognised professional body or those who have sent copies of their qualifications and insurance cover.