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In Care Survivors Service Scotland would like to create a further opportunity for both service users (past and current) and supportive family members to be part of a new Consultation Group.

We would very much like you to consider if this is something you would like to be part of, feel you have something to contribute and also have the time to volunteer to the consultations that may need to be arranged.

If so, please advise Caroline Wilcox at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 01324 630100.


The purpose of the group is described in this section, to help you decide if you want to be part of this. Overall, the Consultation Group will be concerned with providing just that – consultation, input, advice and suggestions to help inform the service. The group would need to have tight and clear boundaries so its purpose does not become blurred.

There are a few goals to the group that we see going forward. These are:

  • Participate in Focus Groups to support future funding applications
  • Consult with ICSSS team on a dynamic evaluation system for the service, including how to gather both comments and statistics about the service.
  • Consultation on development of training material for other professionals.
  • Consultation on development of strategy and proposal for income generation of training service.
  • Consultation on development of Website.

The group would not be required to:

  • Act with a reporting or monitoring function
  • Analyse the results of evaluation, statistical information about the service etc.


This group would come together as and when there are topics arising for development of the service. There may be times when we may want to communicate and consult in between meetings, which could be through email.


We would like to see a good mix of service users, supportive family members, development workers from ICSSS and where possible partner managers to be called up on. As each topic comes round for development we would offer service users, family members and development workers to volunteer to be consulted with. We anticipate different people coming forward for each topic, enabling service users in particular to opt into the topics for development, which are of interest, or for which they have particular skills and experience in. This means it may not be the same people coming together each time.

End Note

We are very keen to receive input and take this on board. In doing so, we are sure you will understand that as a project we must then make decisions taking into account topics we have consulted on. We cannot guarantee that everything can be taken on board. If this scenario happens we would endeavour to communicate reasons and explanations.

This is a new group and there may be flexibility required in the time necessary to meet as a group.

Should anyone want to provide feedback to the Service then we would welcome your views, even if you do not want to be part of a consultation group.

Lorna Patterson, Project Manager, In Care Survivors Service Scotland, November 2010