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With the In Care Survivor Service Scotland

What can a volunteer expect from the service?
The In Care Survivor Service Scotland would like to ensure our volunteers feel valued for their commitment and dedication. We therefore ensure all volunteers are supported well and where possible have the opportunity to contribute to service development.

Other benefits of volunteering with the service include:


  • Comprehensive basic training
  • Ongoing internal specialised training
  • Relevant and specific external training opportunities


  • Group Supervision (4 weekly)
  • Line Management (6 weekly)
  • Regular contact with their local area Development Worker


  • Regular communication of internal and external events
  • Opportunity to take part in open days, conferences partnership events and information sessions both internally and externally
  • Local forum information is also available from area development workers

Service Development

  • The opportunity to be actively involved in service feedback so as to contribute to decision making, planning and the development of the service

Volunteer Events

  • Volunteer Networking Days
  • Volunteer Social events
  • Volunteer Awards
  • Staff and volunteer team building and development days

Communication and Information

  • Latest legislative information
  • Campaigning feedback
  • Service Employment opportunities
  • Gaining Valuable References